Units of Study

So, what are we going to be studying this year? Well, lots of stuff! We are going to begin with an intro to Geography. This will help us develop a sense of place to go along with our historical knowledge. We will study different types of maps, latitude and longitude, and the 5 Themes of Geography. This study will continue throughout the year, as we will focus on the geography of each region we study.

Our next unit will be Ancient Rome. Rome is an important topic because of its historical significance. The Ancient Romans developed the framework for many of the social and political systems we employ today. We will move from Rome's beginnings through the Republic, expansion, and the Empire and its fall.

A majority of the remainder of the year will be spent learning about the Middle Ages. Our first stop will be the Middle East, where we will learn about early Arabians and the development of Islam. We will be introduced to the many contributions made at this time and also focus on how early Islamic expansion affected the world we live in today. Stay tuned to this page as the year progresses for more information.