About the Class

Welcome to World History 7

Welcome to the Pleasanton Middle School laptop history program. I am looking forward to working with all of you this year. My goal is that each student will achieve academic success as well as an improved sense of self.

This year we will be studying a wide variety of historical topics and people, ranging from ancient Rome to the Age of Exploration. The study of history provides us with ideas about where we, as a people, come from, and also gives us insight as to where we might be going. To facilitate these studies, we will utilize several techniques, including readings, discussions, reports, videos, and presentations.


The use of laptops in class is going to provide us all with an opportunity to develop and hone our technical skills. We will be using the laptops to research projects and curriculum, aid in learning, and present what we know. Some of the skills students will develop and use in this program are:

1. Use of PowerPoint
2. Creating and maintaining web sites
3. A digital journal
4. Desktop publishing
5. Digital video editing
6. Effective use of the Internet
7. Use of class website, forums, and chat to aid in understanding and product creation


Laptop Rules

With privilege comes responsibility. Therefore, students will be expected to adhere to the following laptop rules and guidelines.

  • Students will open laptops only when instructed to or given permission by the teacher.
  • Students will not use instant messaging programs or e-mail without teacher permission.
  • Use of classroom printers is at teacher discretion.
  • The Internet will be accessed only for instruction or research.
  • Games will only be played with teacher permission.
  • Technical problems will not be used as an excuse for missing work.
  • Students will respect other people’s property at all times.


Grades in this class will be based on:

  1. Exams - Given at the end of each unit
  2. Quizzes - Given periodically throughout each unit
  3. Homework Assignments - Often
  4. Projects/Reports - Periodically
  5. Classroom Behavior – Daily

Each piece of graded work will evaluated on a point scale.  The number of points each task is worth will be determined by its size and degree of difficulty.  For example, exams will be worth the most, followed by projects, quizzes, and daily assignments. Classroom behavior and participation will be factored into each student’s grade as a wild card.


Homework will be assigned several times throughout each unit. Sometimes it will be reading, but it will also include study questions, map/geography activities, and worksheets. These written assignments will be due the day after they are assigned, and will be submitted to our Moodle Learning Management System for grading. If a student does not have the assignment turned in on the due date, they can still earn half-credit by submitting it later. Paper copies of all assignments will also be available in case technology issues arise.


I am always available for extra help either before or after school, but is important to schedule a meeting with me in advance. If extra help is required, please be sure to come see me before it is too late!

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